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Tilidin (Tilidinhydrochlorid)

Tilidin (brand names: Valaron, Valtran) is a synthetic opioid painkiller, used mainly for treatment of moderate to severe pain, both chronic and acute.
Commonly used in Germany for treatment of restless legs syndrome.
Onset of pain relief after administration is approx. 10–15 minutes, peak relief approx. 25–50 minutes.

Due to the change in local regulations this product can only be dispensed to patients registered before 01.01.2017
Not available for UK

MedicationDosageQuantityPriceProceed to consultation
Tilidin (Tilidinhydrochlorid) 50/4
20 Retard Tablets69,00€Proceed to consultation
50 Retard Tablets119,00 €Proceed to consultation
100 Retard Tablets199,00 €Proceed to consultation
Tilidin (Tilidinhydrochlorid)100/820 Retard Tablets79,00€Proceed to consultation
50 Retard Tablets129,00€Proceed to consultation
100 Retard Tablets209,00€Proceed to consultation
Tilidin (Tilidinhydrochlorid)150/1220 Retard Tablets89,00€Proceed to consultation
50 Retard Tablets139,00€Proceed to consultation
100 Retard Tablets219,00€Proceed to consultation
Tilidin (Tilidinhydrochlorid)200/1620 Retard Tablets99,00€Proceed to consultation
50 Retard Tablets149,00€Proceed to consultation