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This medication cannot be delivered to a UK resident.
This medication is not dispensed from a UK pharmacy

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(Pregabalin possible alternative below)

MedicationDosageQuantityPriceProceed to consultation
Tramadol50mg50 Capsules€79,00Proceed to consultation
Tramadol (KRKA)50mg90 Capsules€109,00Proceed to consultation
Tramadol50mg100 Capsules€99,00Proceed to consultation
Tramadol (KRKA)50mg180 Capsules€149,00Proceed to consultation
Tramadol50mg200 Capsules€149,00Proceed to consultation
200 capsules / re-order after 25 days
Tramadol Retard (KRKA)100mg30 Tablets79,00€Proceed to consultation
Tramadol Retard (KRKA)100mg60 Tablets89,00€Proceed to consultation
Tramadol Retard (KRKA)100mg90 Tablets129,00€Proceed to consultation
Tramadol Retard100mg100 Capsules€129,00Proceed to consultation
Tramadol Retard100mg100 Tablets€129,00Proceed to consultation
Tramadol (KRKA)150mg60 Tablets€159,00Proceed to consultation
Tramadol Retard150mg50 Tablets€129,00Proceed to consultation
Tramadol Retard200mg50 Tablets€129,00Proceed to consultation
Tramadol Drops100mg/ml 10ml€69,00Proceed to consultation
Tramadol Drops100mg/ml 30ml€89,00Proceed to consultation
Tramadol Drops100mg/ml 100ml€129,00Proceed to consultation

Indications of Pregabalin are as follows: Fibromyalgia, Diabetic nerve pain, Spinal cord injury nerve pain, Pain after shingles, Partial onset seizures in adults with epilepsy.

MedicationDosageQuantityPriceProceed to consultation
Lyrica® (Pregabalin)75mg56 Capsules€149.00Proceed to consultation
Lyrica® (Pregabalin)75mg112 Capsules€199.00Proceed to consultation
Lyrica® (Pregabalin) 150mg56 Capsules€159.00Proceed to consultation
Lyrica® (Pregabalin) 150mg112 Capsules€199.00Proceed to consultation
Pregabalin75mg56 Capsules€109.00Proceed to consultation
Pregabalin75mg112 Capsules€149.00Proceed to consultation
Pregabalin150mg56 Capsules€119.00Proceed to consultation
Pregabalin150mg112 Capsules€159.00Proceed to consultation
Pregabalin225mg56 Capsules€159.00Proceed to consultation
Pregabalin300mg56 Capsules€179.00Proceed to consultation


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